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    IEEE EMC Symposium - National Harbor, Maryland Aug 2017

    Ron has been going to the symposium for 55 years and counting. He'll be there in 2017 too! Be sure to catch up with him about all of the ways he can help your company with their EMC needs.

    Electromagnetic News Report- See my articles

    Be sure to pick up a subscription to ENR for all the latest in the EMC world, and you can see Ron's regular column, The EMC Notebook, there!


    We help you keep your project on schedule and on budget by answering your EMC questions as they come up.  Our innovative approach to consulting makes some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry available to you, when you need them.
    It's like having an EMC expert on staff.
    Don't put your project on hold while you wait for a consultant to get to your site.  Have all of the EMC knowledge you need right at your fingertips. By combining technology with over 50 years of experience in the field, we can answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, discuss design tweaks, participate in meetings and manage your EMC issues immediately.

    Ever wish your engineers knew more about EMC issues?  We also teach classes.  We even provide traditional onsite consulting when the situation requires it.
    Get your EMC questions answered the right way, right away. 
    Consultations take place via phone or Skype.
    Online scheduling coming soon!

    Contact us with questions, or for bulk time purchases, training or on-site consulting.
    $500/hour, multi-hour discounts available.

    Ron Brewer

    Chief EMC Expert
    Many of you on this page already know Ron from his years at the IEEE symposium, and his work for Instrument Specialties,  Don White, NASA, and others.

    His renowned  training classes have been given world wide, and are recognized for their straight-forward, easy to understand style.  Ron really breaks down the often complex and difficult to comprehend tenets of Physics and Electrical Engineering, making them easy to understand.

    Now available in this innovative new format, you can take advantage of Ron's knack for clearly seeing the problem, and clearly articulating the solutions for all of your EMC questions.
    Want to read more about Ron?

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